Cockapoo named Corbyn tops Westminster dog vote

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Cockapoo Corbyn won the people’s vote in the Westminster Dog of the Year Show

It was bring-your-dog-to-work day for MPs, including a cockapoo called Corbyn.

And the seven-month-old, who belongs to shadow employment minister Mike Amesbury, won the people’s vote prize in the Dog of the Year Show.

“During the election campaign my wife promised my son if I won the seat we would buy a puppy,” explained the Weaver Vale MP.

“I don’t think she thought we were going to win.”

But he did – ousting the Conservative incumbent – “and so we had to live up to the promise”.

His eight-year-old son came up with the name, but so far the dog and his namesake in the leader’s office have only met by video phone.

“I always find it entertaining when my wife shouts ‘Corbyn’ when he runs off the lead,” the MP added.

The Kennel Club organises the annual event, which this year was raising awareness of how fireworks can affect dogs.

Some MPs appear alongside rescue dogs while others bring their pets from home. Only Labour and Conservative MPs took part this year.

The people’s vote prize is awarded after an online vote. The judges’ picks were two border collies belonging to Labour MP Alex Norris – here they are along with some of the other entrants:

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Overall winners Boomer and Corona, with Labour MP Alex Norris

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Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell came second, with a Welsh Springer Spaniel called Scarlet Whosabootiful Mitchell

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Former Conservative minister Cheryl Gillan with rescue dog Gooseberry, came third

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Labour MP Anna Turley brought Shih Tsu Clem to Westminster

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Conservative MP Laurence Robertson with Tiger, a smooth-haired dachshund

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