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Guatemala seeks arrest of former attorney general Thelma Aldana

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Thelma Aldana has worked closely with a UN-backed anti-corruption body A judge in Guatemala has issued an arrest warrant for the country’s former attorney general, Thelma Aldana, who is a current presidential candidate. Ms Aldana, 63, who is currently out of the country, is wanted on charges of embezzlement, lying […]


Potent cannabis increases risk of serious mental illness, says study

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption People experiencing psychosis lose touch with reality and may hear voices, researchers said Smoking potent ‘skunk-like’ cannabis increases your risk of serious mental illness, say researchers. They estimate around one in 10 new cases of psychosis may be associated with strong cannabis, based on their study of European cities […]

Medicinal cannabis: 'patients still in limbo'

Majorca in drive to rein in boozy tourists

First weight-loss surgery unit planned for Northern Ireland


Future transport: How will we get around in 2050?

The majority of vehicles on the road could be self-driving by 2050, according to enthusiasts for electric and autonomous cars. They believe technology, plus the push for cleaner air will be the incentive for big changes in the way we get from A to B. This is part of the BBC’s Disruptors series. You can […]

All aboard the driverless bus in Greater Manchester

The SEC calls for new contempt sanctions for Elon Musk

Tracking tools found on EU government and health websites


Hen harriers 'vanishing due to illegal killing' – study

Image copyright SPL Hen harriers are disappearing on English grouse moors due to illegal killing, according to a scientific study. The birds of prey are one of England’s rarest birds, and a protected species. Data gathered over a decade found satellite-tagged hen harriers were ten times more likely to die or vanish when they were […]


New Horizons: Ultima Thule 'a time machine' to early Solar System

Image copyright NASA/JHU-APL/SWRI Image caption Ultima Thule is the most distant object to be explored by a spacecraft Scientists are getting closer to understanding how the distant object known as Ultima Thule came to be. Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by the 35km-long world on 1 January at a distance of 3,500km. It’s made up […]


Bubble maths researcher wins top award

Image copyright kishore kumar Image caption The mathematics of bubbles hold the key to some of the greatest mysteries in physics One of the highest prizes for mathematics has been awarded to Prof Karen Uhlenbeck of the University of Texas in Austin, US. Prof Uhlenbeck received the Abel Prize for her work on “minimal surfaces” […]