The pain of Tourette's: 'I'm always covered in bruises'

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionAlice Franklin is one of 300,000 people in the UK with Tourette’s syndrome “Punching walls is a favourite one of mine. Punching windows. I’ve broken three windows in the past year. Punching myself in the head, whacking my head against the wall.” Alice Franklin is 25, lives […]

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Girl Scouts of America offer badge in cybersecurity

Girl Scouts of America are now offering girls as young as five a badge in cybersecurity. It’s part of a drive to get more girls involved in science, technology engineering and mathematics from a young age. An event in Silicon Valley gave scouts an opportunity to earn the first patch in the activity, with the […]

Rise in nude photos sent to phones on public transport

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Fortnite predator 'groomed children on voice chat'


How do you transport a rhino from Germany to the UK?

A critically endangered black rhino has been transported 500 miles across Europe as part of a breeding programme. Najuma travelled to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park via road and a ferry from a zoo in Germany. Any calves she produces with the park’s two resident males could be released into the wild in Africa. You can […]


Swimming with biggest great white shark on record

Footage has emerged of divers getting up close and personal with the biggest great white shark on record. Kimberly Jeffries had been hoping to capture images of sea creatures feeding on a whale carcass off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Ms Jeffries says catching sight of three massive female sharks was “an incredible source of […]


Saturn's spectacular rings are 'very young'

Image copyright Cassini Imaging Team/SSI/JPL/ESA/NASA Image caption The end phases of the mission should yield new information about Saturn’s interior We’re looking at Saturn at a very special time in the history of the Solar System, according to scientists. They’ve confirmed the planet’s iconic rings are very young – no more than 100 million years […]